Creating a lifestyle full of authenticity, balance,
and creativity with a hint of sass & spunk.
Welcome to the mint sweater.
it's not just a blog; it's a lifestyle.

The Mint Sweater

The Mint Sweater is a life filled with getting crafty with your hands, witnessing the beauty of the world with your own eyes, the taste of homemade meals, the earthly smell of a hand grown garden, the pounding of a heart filled with victory after a good workout, the sound of joy echoing within a happy home, and finally a life filled with character and heart.

The Lifestyle

The lifestyle: Let’s get real here. We’re all about those casual cute outfits that allow a woman to feel effortlessly beautiful, seizing the day to try something new, sharing stories and laughter over coffee, crafting something that will forever remind us that we are a part of creation, and most definitely coming home at the end of every day to binge-watch the latest TV obsession.

A Mint Sweater girl pursues growth.

The Girl Behind The Sweater

The girl behind the sweater: She’s determined. Her eyes are filled with both willpower and humility. She’s kind and open. A Mint Sweater girl pursues for growth. She stays educated on the world’s current events. She embraces thoughtful living and strives to inspire and empower those around her. She values honesty, compassion, and empathy. She admires and acknowledges the beauty in the world. She’s incredibly sweet but sassy. The Mint Sweater girl lives for lighting a spark in others. She is full of spunk and leaves a trail of everlasting impressions. Finally, The Mint Sweater girl will wholeheartedly burst into song, quote every line from a movie, break out into dance, and most definitely will screw up every attempt to complete each one of those.

Our purpose is not about the sweater itself; it is about what the mint sweater represents. The Mint Sweater represents a security blanket. No matter where you are, what you are going through, The Mint Sweater will be here to remind you that you are not alone.

A mint sweater is the perfect attire for any occasion. It is light, bright, and airy and yet at the same time, you feel warm and cozy in it. The mint sweater allows you to look your best with minimal effort. Every time you wear it you feel amazing and you radiate an inviting embrace. This represents the life of a mint sweater girl.

The Mint Sweater represents a way of life, a community. The Mint Sweater is here to show you how effortlessly beautiful you are, how to brighten your day, and with comforting yet utterly goofy friends cheering you on.
So... why a mint sweater?

The Founder, Marnie Jayne Dashwood

Someone once said to me, “behind every great business is a great story.”  So what’s the story?  

I had finally quit the three jobs I was working at the same time. I had just finished up with school and I moved back home. As I walked up the stairs into my childhood bedroom, I sat at the edge of my bed. The sun shined through the window beaming in on me. I felt the warmth of the sun on my skin and crawled into bed.

It was in this moment that it hit me, and it hit me hard. Depression. Anxiety. Misery. At first it felt like the weight of it all came down on me at once, but in reality, it was a long time coming.

What I thought would only take a couple months to heal turned into years.

However, those years of self-exploration and inner battles finally lead to healing. It is on the road up from rock bottom that I have learned how to make it through the day-to-day struggles.

From the feeling of an accomplishment after trying something new to the feeling of unwinding on a short walk, I have found all the small steps I need to take to start loving the life I live again.  

Sometimes you need inspiration or to try something you’ve never done before and other times you need to lose yourself in adventures. I hope to share all these discoveries I’ve made with my life here in the hope that they help you find a way to love your life again too.